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Sex education video tutorials

Renee Baillargeon of the University of Illinois and Dr. Motivation and Emotion This program reviews what researchers are discovering about why we act and feel as we do, from the exhilaration of love to the agony of failure. The Power of the Situation This program examines how our beliefs and behavior can be influenced and manipulated by other people and subtle situational forces, and how social psychologists study human behavior within its broader social context. She also discussed how porn gives inaccurate perceptions of sex. Visit our Facebook fan page to see how popular Freemake is! Sex education video tutorials

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  1. Russell Fernald of Stanford University. It relies heavily on an empirical analysis of what is happening in the brain, and where, when a person thinks, reasons, decides, judges, encodes information, recalls information, learns, and solves problems.

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  3. Cognitive Processes This program is an exploration into the higher mental processes — reasoning, planning, and problem solving — and why the "cognitive revolution" is attracting such diverse investigators from philosophers to computer scientists.

  4. Sensation and Perception This program demonstrates how visual information is gathered and processed, and how our culture, previous experiences, and interests influence our perceptions. It also did in , The College Fix reported at the time. With Steven Hassan, M.

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  6. Irving Gottesman of the University of Virginia and Dr. Neal Miller of Yale University.

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