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Critics today still continue to argue over the play's stance on the Jews and Judaism. Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? As Balthazar, Portia repeatedly asks Shylock to show mercy in a famous speech , advising him that mercy "is twice blest: Joseph Fiennes , however, who plays Bassanio, encouraged a homoerotic interpretation and, in fact, surprised Irons with the kiss on set, which was filmed in one take. Damiano, a comic by Ghost World creator Dan Clowes. Louis Post Dispatch called it one of LaBeouf's best performances. This shit is better than riding unicorns. Sex saide

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  1. Antonio agrees, but since he is cash-poor — his ships and merchandise are busy at sea to Tripolis , the Indies , Mexico and England — he promises to cover a bond if Bassanio can find a lender, so Bassanio turns to the Jewish moneylender Shylock and names Antonio as the loan's guarantor. Disney career LaBeouf in November , promoting Bobby Prior to acting, LaBeouf practiced comedy around his neighborhood as an "escape" from a hostile environment.

  2. I've never spoken to or met Mr. The Nazis used the usurious Shylock for their propaganda. I don't think they have slept together but that's for the audience to decide.

  3. Jeremy Irons , in an interview, concurs with the director's view and states that he did not "play Antonio as gay". How can I help her heal from this? Am I legally bound to report him?

  4. The characters who berated Shylock for dishonesty resort to trickery in order to win. Antonio has already antagonized Shylock through his outspoken antisemitism and because Antonio's habit of lending money without interest forces Shylock to charge lower rates. Another interpretation of Shylock and a vision of how "must he be acted" appears at the conclusion of the autobiography of Alexander Granach , a noted Jewish stage and film actor in Weimar Germany and later in Hollywood and on Broadway.

  5. For instance, in the film adaptation directed by Michael Radford and starring Al Pacino as Shylock, the film begins with text and a montage of how Venetian Jews are cruelly abused by bigoted Christians. Other interpreters of the play regard Auden's conception of Antonio's sexual desire for Bassanio as questionable.

  6. To some critics, Shylock's celebrated "Hath not a Jew eyes? His performance was met with mixed reviews with Todd Gilchrist of IGN commenting "one can't quite help but wonder what Spielberg saw in the young actor that inspired him to cast LaBeouf". In a interview with Theater magazine, Adler pointed out that Shylock is a wealthy man, "rich enough to forgo the interest on three thousand ducats" and that Antonio is "far from the chivalrous gentleman he is made to appear.

  7. Money Never Sleeps , the sequel to Wall Street How do we talk to extended family about our safety plan?

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